How to Write an Appealing ‘Call For Action’

Discuss in detail how to write an appealing ‘call for action’.
by Aminat Abubakar – Sunday, 19 February 2017

A call to action in persuasive writing is a request to the reader to complete a task or work for a solution to support the position of the writer ( The call to action should educate, inspire, and compel the reader to take action. In order to appeal to the reader, the writer needs to define the exact action be taken such as to support a cause, a need for a change, or a request for an action. For example, a call to action may ask the readers to write a letter to a member of Congress in support of a policy or funding for a program (

The writer needs to appeal to the emotions of the reader through the art of persuasion on the value or benefit of such action to the reader. Use powerful words that resonate with the reader to trigger the completion of your desired actions (Kasen James).

B2B Tech Writer further states other steps to take in writing appealing calls to action. Tailor the call to action to the content towards the direction you want the reader to go. Keep it short and simple; do not add new information to the section that is not already in the body of content. The call to action is meant to be the final push. Be specific on what you want the reader to act on, the more specific the call to action, the better the response. The writer should give a reason for the call to action while creating a sense of urgency that prompts the reader to take action immediately.

Book Writing Tips #8 – Calls to Action


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