ELDAMOH Design Thinking Consulting is a global business that design and delivers solutions to help empower government agencies, corporate organizations, and small and medium businesses towards organizational growth, development, and productivity through smart design thinking to achieve organizational agility. The categories of end-user are civil servants, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Together we unlock potentials to customize solutions appropriate to each client’s condition.

Our team of specialists brings new and innovative ideas to clients in order to help evaluate their strengths, resolve problems, develop talent, train leadership, and implement plans through new trends to manage change.

Leadership gains the ability to generate tactical business insights, allocate resources effectively, and execute a strategy to achieve organizational goals. Employees are empowered to apply innovative ideas to decision-making on the job. Result on improved productivity and market performance, leading to industry growth.

We design and deliver solutions towards the following:

  1. Strategic Intelligence
  2. Organizational Intelligence
  3. Innovative Intelligence and Creativity
  4. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Retreat, workshop, and training are techniques used in employing the latest technology during project deliverables.

We provide an on-site resident consultant for six months at our clients’ location after project sign-off. To monitor, offer support, and let them know they are not alone.