Course Reflection and Feedback

Course Reflection and Feedback: Qualitative Research and Academic Writing
by Aminat Abubakar – Wednesday, 8 March 2017

As I reflect on my experience, I was overwhelmed at the start of class with the amount of work needed. However, I had to settle in once the class progressed. I benefited from a number of things on completion of BUS 801 Qualitative Research and Academic Writing class. The course not only taught research method and writing, but I gained insight on business development through constructive implementation of the business model, value proposition, and being a smart future ready leader.

course feedbackDr. Sehba Husain was very patient with cohorts; her inclusion of visual aids in her lectures as well as class discussions made it easy to follow.

I enjoyed both Dr. Michael Petty and Dr. Sheb Bishop lectures which were very interactive in the research class. I watched and listened on various business topic, each instructor giving their own perspectives. Hence, instead of having one viewpoint we gained richly by having diverse standpoints.

My hurdle was speaking in class and was very nervous to stand in front of the class to make a presentation. Nevertheless, was gradually able to overcome the weakness by the end of the course.

There was great comradeship amongst the cohorts, each was ready to offer support to one another when needed.

Overall, the research course prepared me for subsequent class research work assignments in the doctoral program and application of knowledge to my future business consultancy service. Furthermore, my appreciation goes to the core instructor Dr. Sehba Husain, as well as Dr. Michael Petty, and Dr. Sheb Bishop.

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